A Youngster named Finn smiling with a Senior using her iPad

Hey there! Welcome to Youngster.co. We’re a bunch of passionate individuals working hard to bring tech-savvy youngsters and older people together. Our goal is simple: to create 1 million awesome connections by December 2025. Our mission is to build a world where youngsters and older community members are respected, engaged, and part of an incredible community.

We are a certified social enterprise.

Our Story

We are a father-son team, Tony and Finn, with a shared vision: bridging the generational gap through technology. Our journey began by helping seniors navigate the digital world, but it quickly evolved into something more meaningful.

By connecting youngsters with seniors, mature age workers and NDIS participants, we witnessed heartwarming interactions and gratitude. Older learners discovered that the younger generation is not so different, and young individuals felt valued and empowered. Encouraged by these moments, Finn left his corporate job to join Tony in building our platform.

Together, we create a space where generations learn from each other. We believe in fostering understanding and appreciation through knowledge exchange. Join us on this inspiring journey as we build a future where age is not a barrier, but a bridge to new opportunities and friendships.

Our Impact

Our impact extends beyond tech help; we’re about building connections, fostering understanding, and creating a community where everyone feels valued and respected. We also commit 50% of our profits to tech help sessions.

Our Value

For seniors, we offer personalised, in-person tech help, taught by friendly youngsters. For organisations, we provide an opportunity to engage the community, empower older people and youngsters, and build intergenerational connections through tech help sessions. And for youngsters, we offer a chance to earn while making a difference in their community.

Join us on this journey as we continue to bridge the intergenerational gap, fostering a world where everyone can learn, share, and grow together.