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Our Youngsters have an average feedback rating of 4.8 out of 5


Sitting down one on one with somebody, who is doing nothing else but addressing your needs and listening to you, and getting them all fixed up – that’s wonderful.



Did we end up solving your problem? You did, and a very, very detailed problem it was too. In fact, if it had been me I wouldn’t have lasted this long, and the phone would have gone out of the window a long time ago.



For a 63 year old who is old school, you just made my life easier… I feel like I know everything I need to know on the computer now.


Why partner with us?

Increase revenue from senior customers

Seniors have significant purchasing power, but as businesses move online there’s a risk of missing out on revenue. Teaching senior customers how to use your online platforms, and providing local in-person support through Youngster, can increase your income from this growing market segment.

Save your customer support team time

Support calls with seniors are often lengthy, mainly due to technical assistance needs. Our Youngster team is well-prepared to efficiently help senior customers, saving your customer support team time, reducing frustration, and decreasing wait times for other customers.

Connect socially isolated seniors

Sometimes senior customers will call in because they are lonely or isolated. In addition to tech support, our Youngsters provide companionship and social connections for isolated seniors. This not only enriches their lives but also facilitates intergenerational learning and connection during tech help sessions.

A senior lady holding her phone and a Youngster with a brown jumper on.

As seen on ABC

Our Youngsters were featured in the ABC program “You’re never too old to become a tech whizz!”.

About us

We are a certified social enterprise

Hey there! We’re a bunch of passionate individuals working hard to bring tech-savvy youngsters and experienced older people together. We create a space where generations learn from each other, while also providing jobs and important life skills for young people.

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