Tech skills training for NDIS participants

Dylan, a Lead Youngster, smiling and helping a Senior man with a red shirt

Tech skills for NDIS participants

We offer personalised, one-on-one tech skills training for NDIS participants, taught by friendly local Youngsters. Examples of skills that NDIS participants can learn include:

  • Using video calls to connect regularly with friends and family.
  • Booking appointments online and attending telehealth appointments.
  • Using social media and the internet to find local events and groups for community pariticipation.
  • Searching for jobs online, creating a LinkedIn profile and formatting a CV.

With so many essential services moving online, basic tech skills are now essential for participating in daily life. Our service falls under Capacity Building supports for Development of Daily Living and Life Skils.

Youngsters can also do home tech support for NDIS pariticipants. Whether it’s setting up the smart TV, or working out the timer on the microwave, we’ve got it covered!

Life skills for Youngsters

At Youngster we create jobs for young people who need them, and give them an opportunity to learn important life skills.

Do you know any young tech savvy NDIS participants? They can become a Youngster. As a Youngster they’ll have a job where they get paid to make a difference while gaining valuable experience and skills. They’ll help other people with tech, including providing companionship and connection for seniors.

We’re a certified social enterprise – 50% of our profits go to creating jobs for young people who need them, and running free community tech help sessions.

“I started the sessions not expecting much, and now my faith in humanity is restored.”

— Nicole

What can we help with?

We offer regular tech help sessions, taught by friendly local youngsters.

Phone skills

Scrolling, using menus, navigating, installing and using apps.

Microsoft Office and Google Workspace

Learning Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc) or Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc).

Social media

Learn to connect with other people on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other social media platforms.

Settings, apps, emails, and more

Text messages, and internet, using the smart TV, fixing settings, using and deleting apps, taking photos.

Home office and remote working

Setting up computers, screens, keyboad, mouse and webcam. Learning how to use remote work tools such as Slack or Teams.

Job search skills

Getting yourself setup for job hunting with LinkedIn, CV formatting, and searching for jobs online.

Video calls

Calling friends, family or colleagues using Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime, Microsoft Teams etc

Any general tech issues

Our Youngsters can solve most general tech problems! You name it, we can help with it 🙂

About us

We are a certified social enterprise

Hey there! We’re a bunch of passionate individuals working hard to bring tech-savvy youngsters and experienced older people together. We create a space where generations learn from each other, while also providing jobs and important life skills for young people.

A Youngster named Finn smiling with a Senior using her iPad

Our Services is a social enterprise. 50% of our profits go to running free community tech help sessions.

One Session

One-time visit from a tech savvy youngster for phone/computer/tech help.

✓ A one-off session to solve a tech issue

✓ Minimum 1 hour

✓ At Home, a Library or Cafe

✓ Highly qualified Youngsters

Regular Sessions (Recommended)

Everything in ‘One Session’ plus:

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