13 ways to use a Youngster gift voucher

Gift-giving is an opportunity to enrich lives and create meaningful intergenerational connections. At Youngster, our tech-savvy local youth are passionate about sharing new skills and experiences with seniors. Here are 13 incredible ways you can use a Youngster gift voucher to make a real difference to a senior in your life.

1. Tech device setup

Ease the transition of seniors into the digital world. Use your voucher to have a Youngster set up new devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident using them.

2. Social media 101

Break down the generation gap one post at a time. Use the voucher for a session where a Youngster can teach seniors the ins and outs of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Learning to use your phone

Smartphones offer a host of benefits, but only if one knows how to use them. A Youngster can guide seniors through the basics, from navigation to app use and basic troubleshooting.

4. Digital photography lessons

Because memories are worth capturing and sharing. A Youngster can teach seniors how to take digital photos, edit them, and share them with family and friends, or put them in a digital photo frame.

5. Virtual health consultations

The future of healthcare is digital. Use a Youngsterto guide seniors through the process of setting up and using telehealth applications for remote medical consultations.

6. eBooks

Reading is just a click away in the digital age. A Youngster can introduce seniors to the world of digital reading, helping them to download and read eBooks on their devices.

7. Spotify

Music has a unique way of uplifting spirits. Studies have shown that listening to music can help reduce anxiety and depression, and help maintain speech and language for people suffeing from dementia. A Youngster can assist seniors in setting up a Spotify account, creating playlists filled with their favourite nostalgic tracks.

8. Online shopping safely

Empower seniors to shop online with confidence. A Youngster can teach them how to browse, select, and make secure purchases online.

9. Virtual travel tours

For the explorers at heart, a Youngster can guide seniors through virtual travel experiences on Google Earth, letting them visit far-off places without leaving home.

10. Cybersecurity basics

Internet safety is crucial at any age. Use a Youngster session to ensure seniors know how to protect their personal information online and recognise phishing attempts.

11. Voice-activated home

Make daily tasks simpler and more convenient. A Youngster can help seniors set up voice-activated devices like Google Home or Alexa. For seniors with mobility issues, this can be a game-changer.

12. Video calls and conferencing

Help seniors keep in touch with loved ones through the magic of video calls. A Youngster can guide them in setting up and using platforms like Zoom or FaceTime.

13. Online games and puzzles

Keep the mind sharp and entertained. A Youngster can introduce seniors to various online games and puzzles that offer both fun and cognitive stimulation.

At Youngster, we believe that intergenerational connections benefit everyone. Our local, tech-savvy youngsters are eager to bring new skills and experiences to your ageing parents, while also learning from their wisdome and experience. A Youngster gift voucher is a unique gift for seniors that offers ongoing learning, and enriching social interactions.

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