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As seen on ABC

Our Youngsters were featured in the ABC program as a BeConnected Partner.
“You’re never too old to become a tech whizz!”.

Our services

Options to help you run friendly tech help and companionship sessions.

Software and brand

Everything you need to run your own Youngster.co sessions.

✓ Easily handle 1:1 and group sessions.

✓ Detailed impact metrics and annual reports.

✓ Leverage our trusted brand for your Library.

✓ Use our templates, website, software and processes.

Full Group Sessions

Everything in ‘Software and Brand’ + we organise it for you.

✓ Weekly or fortnightly sessions

✓ We train a Lead Youngster for your location.

✓ A dedicated Community Manager to help you launch and run the program

✓ End-to-End Management: From training to monitoring.

Features That Empower

Hassle-Free Registration

Register participants even without a phone number. We often find older learners don’t have an email, but do have a phone number.

Automated Onboarding

Our software guides Youngsters through the entire onboarding process, from initial sign-up to training.

Many locations

Manage multiple library locations through a single dashboard.

Impact measurement

See the best metrics, like average satisfaction ratings and people helped. This lets you clearly demonstrate the impact you’ve made.

Easy Reporting

Get a detailed breakdown of your impact and the seniors helped. Generate monthly or annual reports effortlessly, and see aggregated data all your libraries.

Resource Library

Youngsters learn valuable life lessons from Seniors who’ve collected plenty of life’s lessons over the years. Senior’s are asked to give advice to the Youngsters.

Individual Surveys

Our survey app gathers specific feedback from each individual Learner.

Organise Consent Forms

Easily manage and store signed media consent forms for each participant.

Hear from a Librarian

“This is the best tech help, even library program I’ve ever been involved with”

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Schools and organisations we’ve partnered with

Partner Enquiry

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Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the answers to some popular questions below.

Is the software user-friendly?

Yes, the average librarian can learn it in under an hour.

How do I sign up to host tech help sessions at my location?

To sign up and bring the tech help sessions to your location, fill in the Partner Enquiry form above.

Do you support non-english speaking participants?

Yes, we support running sessions for non-English speakers.

Our Youngsters typically reflect the cultural demographic of the area, ensuring that all participants feel welcome and included.

If you have a language request for your venue let us know and we will explore running sessions in that language.

Can we pre-book sessions?

Yes, we schedule our sessions in advance with our software platform. We can schedule sessions up to 24 months in advance, giving you the certainty to plan ahead.

What kind of support is available?

Priority tech support via email and phone, plus a dedicated community manager on call for all our services.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit card, invoice, direct transfer, and purchase order.

How do we ensure the safety of Seniors and Youngsters during the tech help sessions?

We’ve got processes in place in our onboarding system, for example: Youngsters must pass a National Police Check and go through the detailed screening and training process. The last step is including meeting with you in real life.

On top of that, we we also monitor Youngster and Senior feedback ratings to ensure that all participants have a positive and safe experience. If any issues or concerns arise, we have clear support channels to address and resolve them.