Two youngsters and two seniors in a shopping centre, sitting at a table and learning to use their phone.
A senior lady holding her phone and a Youngster with a brown jumper on.

As seen on ABC

Our Youngsters were featured in the ABC program as a BeConnected Partner.
“You’re never too old to become a tech whizz!”.

4.8 out of 5 stars

Real stories, real people. The average satisfaction rating across every Senior we’ve ever helped is 4.8/5 stars.


“He had so much patience with me, I am so impressed with him, and I’d like to adopt him. Lovely Lovely boy.”

Was your problem solved? “Absolutely, I’ve got a tick!”

Pam, a senior from Coffs Harbour, smiling into the camera


In Coffs Harbour, NSW


“And a very detailed problem it was too!
In fact, if it would’ve been me, I wouldn’t have lasted this long and the phone would’ve gone out the window a long time ago.”

Alex from Southgate smiling into the camera


In Sylvania, NSW


“The Youngster program is extremely helpful. They’ve set me up with an app! I learned what an app is. And I learned how to use this new app. It was just wonderful to sit down and explain to him what I couldn’t do.”

Arelene, a Senior lady Smiling into the camera


In Baldivis, WA

Our Pricing

Friendly tech help and companionship sessions

Individual Sessions

A regular visit from a tech savvy youngster for companionship and phone/computer/tech help.

✓ A one-off session to solve a tech issue

✓ At their Home, shared space or your venue.

✓ Perfect for Seniors who prefer not to travel

Group Sessions (Recommended)

2-3 Youngsters helping up to 8 Seniors on a regular basis in your Venue.

✓ Weekly or fortnightly sessions

✓ We train a Lead Youngster for your location.

✓ A dedicated Community Manager to help you launch and run the program

✓ Customer booking and reporting software

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A happy Senior lady smiling into the camera

Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the answers to some popular questions below.

Do you offer in-person tech support sessions?

Yes, all of our sessions are in-person. We believe that people can connect and learn better when they interact face-to-face.

Are Youngsters fairly compensated for their time during the tech help sessions?

Yes, we believe in fairly compensating our Youngsters for their hard work and dedication. Our Youngsters are paid above industry award rates for their time during the tech help sessions.

Please note with Youngsters who volunteer, such as those with schools doing the Duke of Ed award, we’re often restricted from paying them.

How do I sign up to host tech help sessions at my location?

To sign up and bring the tech help sessions to your location, fill in the Partner Enquiry form above.

How do you ensure the safety of Seniors and Youngsters during the tech help sessions?

All of our friendly Youngsters have a National Police Check and go through a detailed screening and training process, including meeting with us in real life. We make sure they are a good fit for us, friendly and well prepared.

We also monitor Youngster and Senior feedback ratings to ensure that all participants have a positive and safe experience. If any issues or concerns arise, we have clear support channels to address and resolve them.

Can we pre-book sessions?

Yes, we schedule our sessions in advance with our software platform. We can schedule sessions up to 24 months in advance, giving you the certainty to plan ahead.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit card, invoice, direct transfer, and purchase order.

Do you support non-english speaking participants?

Yes, we actively recruit Youngsters from local areas around your locations, including non-English speakers.

Our Youngsters typically reflect the cultural demographic of the area, ensuring that all participants feel welcome and included.

If you have a language request for your Venue let us know and we will explore running sessions in that language.