Unite your community through tech

Two youngsters and two seniors in a shopping centre, sitting at a table and learning to use their phone.

Engage generations

The Youngster.co program brings young people and seniors together for intergenerational tech help sessions. Youngsters provide personalised tech help for seniors, including how to use their phone, do video calls or connect on social media.

“This is the best tech help program I have ever been involved with. Super super good uptake by the community, never seen anything like it.”

Alison, Librarian

Young people learn from the wisdom and experience of seniors, who teach them important life skills. Through tech help sessions both younger and older generations are able to connect.

“A great opportunity for youth to pick up paid, rewarding work experience and become more active within the community.”

Jenny, Council Manager

Make a difference in your community

The Youngster.co program brings benefits to the whole community, including:

Seniors: Seniors in the local community are able to improve their tech skills and social connection. Studies have shown that participating in intergenerational programs leads to better physical and cognitive function and wellbeing for older adults.

Young people: The program creates jobs for local young people, who can get work experience and learn important life skills from seniors. Studies have shown that participating in intergenerational programs leads to improved social and personal skills for young people.

Schools: As part of the program we invite schools to participate and send their students to be part of the intergenerational sessions.

Local businesses: We engage with reatilers in your centre (e.g. phone repair shops, computer shopts) who may have senior customers come in needing tech help, but who don’t have time to assist them.

A senior lady holding her phone and a Youngster with a brown jumper on.

As seen on ABC

Our Youngsters were featured in the ABC program “You’re never too old to become a tech whizz!”.

About us

We are a certified social enterprise

Hey there! We’re a bunch of passionate individuals working hard to bring tech-savvy youngsters and experienced older people together. We create a space where generations learn from each other, while also providing jobs and important life skills for young people.

A Youngster named Finn smiling with a Senior using her iPad

Our Pricing

Friendly tech help and companionship sessions

Individual Sessions

A regular visit from a tech savvy youngster for companionship and phone/computer/tech help.

✓ A one-off session to solve a tech issue

✓ At their Home, shared space or your venue.

✓ Perfect for Seniors who prefer not to travel

Group Sessions (Recommended)

2-3 Youngsters helping up to 8 Seniors on a regular basis in your Venue.

✓ Weekly or fortnightly sessions

✓ We train a Lead Youngster for your location.

✓ A dedicated Community Manager to help you launch and run the program

✓ Customer booking and reporting software

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